About Atharna

The best of Saudi Arabia, brought to you by Atharna 

Atharna is a curation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We celebrate the best of local craft, talent and skills and provide a platform for makers to thrive.

Putting artisans first

Decide on an angle here: Saudi Arabian talent is not given enough credit. Taking ownership of our own narrative. Ensuring heritage items are made locally and not mass produced and imported. Unknown skills. Platform for makers to thrive.

Empowering business skills and entrepreneurship

How does Atharna support artisans? Why should people respect Atharna’s work? Provide a compelling story for an artisan reading this also.

Preserving traditional techniques

Why crafts of Saudi Arabia need to be seen. Techniques unique to Saudi Arabia. Why Saudi? Generational skills and keeping them relevant to not lose heritage as the world rapidly modernises




Sadu Weaving

Palm Weaving


Date Harvesting


Flower Binding



Collaborating with these artisanal collectives

and more independent makers


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